I have always looked at painting as response and invention - an end game to experience, reading, and observation that seeks to extend curiosity and possibilities. It has assumed many roles throughout its long history and continues to be vital despite the cyclical announcements of its death.

In our present culture, where the ever present TV/monitor disciplines one's visual sense to ape the action of a scanner, painting offers relief in testing the screen anesthetized eye.

Paintings are built by decision and reaction - often finding character in the many traces of this deliberation left on the canvas. It has the capacity to contain all notions and respond to all influence. There remains great power in this.


1981 The Tyler School of Arts, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA. 
1976 M.A. in Painting, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA. 
1974 B.S. in Art Education, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA. 

Teaching Experience
1976 to present: 
Professor of Art; Professor in the Fine Arts Department, 
Saint Francis University Loretto, PA.

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