Beyond the Canvas, Saint Francis University Magazine, Jodi Wright, Spring 2001

Les Couleurs do Reve Américain
"Charles Olson: une véritable explosion de couleurs."

A Glimpse at the Very Idea of Sculpture, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Graham Shearing, December 1993
"...Where the sculptural form persists as the dominant motif in the paintings but where other elements, some abstract (such as his often delectable use of color) and some closer to home."

Charles Olson at Denise Bibro, Art in America, Gerrit Henry, May 2000
"Charles Olson's new, mid-to-large-scale acrylics on canvas and paper offer pleasures and mysteries for eye and imagination."

Graphite and Glitter, Art Beat, Margie Romero
"The process by which this artist recultivates a lost world, those elusive dream states staggering our memories for recall, invigorate our imaginations."

Colorful Associations, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Donald Miller
"Without changing his fluid style but by darkening his palette, Olson continues his exceedingly elegant abstract landscapes."

Un Peintre Américain A La Galerie Lillebonne, Elle Magazine

Chuck Olson, le Retour

Chuck Olson, Indiana Gazette
"For Olson, the future looks busy and bright."

Olson's Abstractions Hold Court at James Gallery, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Donald Miller, November 1998
"Inspired by reality, Olson's style is instantly recognizable wherever it is shown."

Exhibit Sets Up Dialogue Between Two Artists, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Barry Hannegan
"The first and most lasting impression of almost all of Olson's paintings is that of color: explosive, subtle, and vividly idiosyncratic. That reaction is followed immediately by an awareness of highly wrought paint surfaces and the free-wheeling handling that molds them."

New Energy Emerges in Olson Paintings at Gallery G, The Pittsburgh Press, Patricia Lowry, May 1991
"...Contrasts powerful movement with bedrock stability, soft sensuality with rugged strength."

Abstractionist Sheds Light on His Work, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Donald Miller, 1988
"I have been trying to find out for years what Charles Olson was attempting in his large and often gorgeous painting that, as he says, hint at what they are about but never declare it."

Olson's Work Paints Enticing Landscape of Shape, Texture, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Mary Thomas, November 1997
"This is not just a random territory but - and this is a great strength - one that the artist knows well, returns to, explores and commits to paint."

'Urban Transformation' a Key Factor in Selection of 11 Artists for Biennial, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Donald Miller, October 1997
"...A group whose work 'shares a sensibility that we might call urban transformation, that is, using images and/or techniques derived from our contemporary urban experience and modifying these in some way to invest them with personal, spiritual or historical resonances."

Charles Olson Continues to Breathe Life into Abstract ExpressionismPittsburgh Post-Gazette, Donald Miller, January 1994
"He is one fo the few area artists who continue to breathe significant life and ideas into abstract expressionism."

Show of Compatibility, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Kurt Shaw, October 1993
"...Wildly abstract works that are firmly grounded in reality."

Charles Olson: The Real, the Abstract, and the Spiritual, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Graham Shearing, October 2000
"His preoccupations are those of a painter and those of a dreamer and are totally detached from his local environment."

Abstract Olson Rooted in the Real, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Graham Shearing, April 1996
"...You may find much to admire in Olson's appealing technique and sense of color."